health benefits of owning a pet

Happy Pets, Healthy Guardians

Non-pet owners will never understand, but for the sake of their own health, maybe they should try.

A new Swedish study confirms numerous other studies that have demonstrated the health benefits of owning a pet. The study, published this month in the journal Scientific Reports, tracked more than 3.4 million middle-aged and older adults in Sweden for 12 years.

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Health Issues Before, During, and After the Storm

The people in Houston and surrounding areas had very little warning of the magnitude of the catastrophe that was about to hit. Hurricane Harvey blew up from a tropical depression to a Category 4 storm in a nearly unprecedented 48 hours. Although forecasters had been warning for days that Harvey would stall, the models predicting 50 inches of rain in the area were considered outliers—that is, a worst-worst-worst case scenario. Unfortunately, that scenario came true with a vengeance.

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