What are the advantages of boutique medicine versus traditional practice?

Less hurried, more personalized; easier access to physicians. Longer, uninterrupted visits; same day appointments and 24/7 access to doctors familiar with the patients.

Can I become a member of MD 2.0 even if I do not have health insurance?

Yes, MD 2.0 accepts patietns that do not have health insurance.  Patients with no health insurance will need to realize ancillary services such as labs, ultrasounds and xrays may be an added cost in the absence of insurance. With insurance these items will be billed directly. Also, you might consider paying your membership fee through your health savings account.

How does MD 2.0 work with my current health insurance provider?

Your membership fee allows for benefits not covered by health insurance. Your current insurance plan will cover traditional covered costs including xrays, ultrasounds and labs, among others.

Is MD 2.0 a provider for Medicare?

Yes, both Dr. Lubarsky and Dr. Poncy are credentialed Medicare providers.

What are the fees for membership?

We strive to keep membership rates reasonable and affordable. Please contact the office for more information regarding membership rates.

What exactly is covered by the membership fee? What services are billed to insurance?

As a patient of Drs. Lubarsky and Poncy, you will enjoy a package of benefits that includes unprecedented physician access and superb care. Because every member’s needs are unique, the services they require will vary. However the level of service does not. All members receive the highest level of trusted, attentive medical care for their health:

  • Highly responsive, personalized care with 24/7 phone and e-mail access
  • Same Day/Next Day appointments
  • Care provided at the physician’s private, uncrowded office
  • Unhurried extended visits with minimal or no wait times so you can thoroughly discuss your concerns


  • Personalized healthcare and wellness program
  • Yearly executive-level physical exams
  • Nutrition, weight management, and body composition analysis yearly (a $300 value)
  • After-hours access to Dr Lubarsky and Dr Poncy via cell phone
  • Coordination of care with specialists both in and out of state
  • Assistance with medical needs while traveling, including web visits
  • Flu, pneumonia and tetanus vaccines
  • EKG’s
  • In office phlebotomy services
  • Expedited test results
  • State-of-the-art new facility with inviting and warm waiting room
  • Appointments for out-of-town adult family members and guests as needed (at additional costs)

Is my concierge fee to the medical practice tax deductible?

The membership fee is generally tax deductible but it is best to consult with your own CPA.

Can I use my Health Savings Account from my employer?

Generally yes, but you may want to check with your accountant.

Can I submit my annual fee to my insurance company for reimbursement?

Since the membership fee is for value added benefits not covered by traditional insurance, the fee cannot be submitted or reimbursed by your insurance company.

Do I still have to pay my co-pay, deductible or any other incurred charges outside of insurance?

Yes. We are not an insurance plan, your membership is a “value-added-service” fee and so you must still pay your co-pay, deductible and any other charges that your insurance does not cover. Patients are responsible for any fees associated with lab work, radiology or any other procedures performed at an outside facility.

What happens if I have an Emergency, does Dr. Lubarsky or Dr. Poncy follow me at the hospital?

Dr. Lubarsky and Dr. Poncy both has full admitting privileges at Jupiter Medical Center and have been on staff for over 15 years. If you need to be hospitalized, either physician will continues to care for you there as well. If for some reason you are at another hospital, he will work together with the hospital staff and sub-specialists to oversee your health and condition during your hospitalization.

Who provides medical coverage should either Dr. Lubarsky or Dr. Poncy be not available?

Hard to believe, but even doctors need some time off too. In the rare event that both Dr Poncy and Dr.Lubarsky are away, they have chosen another concierge physician to temporarily fill-in so that you’ll still receive 24/7 care.

Is there a contract that spells out what services I will get?

Yes. Please email liasion@md2jupiter.com to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of MD 2.0.

What can I expect from my annual physical?

Standard Physical Exam Lab Work (billed to participating insurance plans with physical)

  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Thyroid function test (TSH)
  • Complete lipid profile
  • Electrolytes
  • Liver function
  • Kidney function
  • Glucose
  • PSA (prostate screening antigen)
  • EKG (baseline at 40 then as guided by health risk)
  • Urinalysis