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  • 24/7 Access with your Physician
  • Patient Centered Partner in Health Care
  • Team Focused – Both Dr. Amir Lubarsky and Dr. Morgan Poncy are available cross covering physicians for continuity of care whether you are in the hospital or skilled nursing and rehabilation center.
  • Peace of Mind –  Knowing that members have access to physicians at anytime with concerns is priceless.
  • Quality Time with your Physician – MD 2.0 members get more time with the doctors  to discuss medical issues.
  • Chronic Disease Management – patients living with chronic ailments may greatly benefit from MD 2.0 personalized approach to medicine.  Ample time with your physician is critical in order to educate you on disease process and how you can reach your optimal health and feel good.
  • Cost Effective Medicine – With the rise in health insurance and deductibles, membership at MD 2.0 Concierge Medicine may just be a cost effective solution.

Get To Know MD 2.0 Concierge Medical Practice

For traditional, insurance-based primary healthcare practices, patients can often expect short office visits, predictably long wait times in crowded waiting rooms, and routine appointments scheduled days or even weeks in advance. There are few things more troubling than making an appointment with your primary care physician concerning an illness, only to be rushed through the visit and sent on your way. At MD 2.0, we regard this all too typical scenario as an unacceptable symptom of a broken healthcare model that prioritizes paperwork over patient work.

We believe that patients deserve a more personalized experience regarding their healthcare and that comprehensive, attentive, and truly patient-centered care is essential to leading a healthy life.

As a new MD 2.0 patient, you can expect a refreshing approach to healthcare delivery that focuses on disease prevention and treatment. Patients entering our practice with chronic conditions will receive the attentive and compassionate care that is required for optimal health care management. Whether for heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, or any number of long-term health issues, our patients can rest assured that our physicians are committed to providing the highest quality of primary care and course of action for optimized health and well-being in the future.

Unfortunately, traditional healthcare providers tend to treat patients only at the time the symptoms present. The focus tends to be placed on treatment of disease, rather than prevention.

With our concierge practice, new and current patients can take control of health, both currently and for the future, with personalized preventive health plans that adopt a proactive approach to overall wellness.

Dr. Amir Lubarsky and Dr. Morgan Poncy are board certified Internal Medicine physicians, specializing in disease prevention.

So many of us have come to accept the limitations and difficulties of traditional primary care. Unfortunately, such limitations can have damaging consequences for your health. Wouldn’t you be more open to doctor appointments if you expected them to be thorough, lengthy and collaborative?

It is our belief that our patients deserve more. You deserve more time with your doctor. You deserve to have a physician who has taken the time to understand you as a whole person. You deserve an alternative to the traditional primary care model that puts the emphasis on increasing, not limiting, attentive care.

When faced with a chronic illness or disease, having a doctor who actually knows and understands your condition, both as a patient and a human being, is immeasurable in terms of management of symptoms. This purposefully cultivated relationship fosters a greater ability to avoid disease and maintain health. This is integral to our unique model of healthcare – your MD 2.0 physician will have greater insight into your unique condition, which will ultimately benefit your healthcare overall. Our patients can ask questions, offer input, and express concerns in an environment of empathy, listening, responsiveness, and respect.

Personalized Care For Every Member