Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Practitioners or Internists are specialists trained to investigate and diagnose a wide range of illnesses throughout the body’s major organs. Because of their extensive medical training, internists are experts in providing comprehensive care for the health needs of adults.

Patients turn to internists for all sorts of problems, from the simplest to the most complex. While such common illnesses as the flu or severe allergies are well within their scope of expertise, internists are also problem solvers who are extensively trained in providing solutions for diagnostic “mysteries.” When additional specialists are required, you can be sure that your internist will know whom to add to your healthcare team.

There are many benefits in choosing an Internal Medicine Physician as your primary care doctor:

  • Internists have years of specialized training in diseases that affect the adult population. They are highly skilled in diagnosing less-common medical conditions, and they are trained to see the big picture of how symptoms fit together.
  • Internists place a premium on disease prevention. Your internist is likely to speak with you about your overall health, and will make appropriate suggestions for preventing common illnesses. Prevention is the best medicine, and internal medicine practitioners desire to maintain health wherever possible, and to repair health when necessary.
  • Internists concentrate on chronic and complex disease management. When illness strikes, whether chronic or acute, the specialized training and effective management of a compassionate internist is invaluable.

At MD 2.0 in Jupiter, FL, Dr. Amir Lubarsky and Dr. Morgan Poncy are your medical partners for achieving a healthier you. As board-certified internists and primary-care physicians, they are dedicated to creating a personalized, patient-centered model of care. Our concierge medical doctors focus on providing high quality and well-coordinated care that emphasizes comprehensive and individualized attention to each patient.

Do you get ample time with your physician?

Our concierge medicine model allows physicians to spend more time with each patient, fostering a trusting and collaborative relationship that ensures effective prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various conditions.

Our longer office visits also provide you with dedicated health care education so that you are always fully aware of what is going on within your body as well as with the overall multi-system disease process.

Choosing an internist is your best choice for maintaining health, preventing disease and treating illness. As a concierge practice and industry leader, MD 2.0 in Jupiter, FL, is committed to excellence in patient care.

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