grilled meat unsafe

Is Grilling Meat Dangerous to Your Health?

The Fourth of July is nearing, one of the three big holidays known for barbecues, along with Memorial Day and Labor Day. The centerpiece of all the picnics and backyard parties nearly always includes the distinctive aroma of various grilled meats wafting over the festivities, whetting appetites for whatever’s “on the barbie.”

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quality sleep becomes more elusive in older people

Why Is Quality Sleep More Elusive As You Age?

Your primary care doctors at MD 2.0 in Jupiter, know that many of our patients experience differing types and degrees of insomnia at all ages, but quality sleep becomes more elusive in older people. Now a new study published in the journal Neuron this month explains why. Popular wisdom until now has held that older adults sleep less because they need less sleep, but that is not the case. The Sleep Foundation says that older people need the same seven-to-nine hours of sleep as everyone else. The problem is, they can’t get it.

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